Pobba, Live!

Pobba at recess in Iowa City.

In concert, while Pobba sang Monsters in My Room (a song set to go on the next album), Sebastian from Windsor, CA, drew three scary creatures, with a child hiding under the covers.

Meatballs with lengths of rope...watched my lunch explode... monsters in my room...cookies on my plate...a floating jelly blobbo shaped like a bell ...argued with my best friend. - Fiona, Lenox, MA

Pobba gets many warm and wonderful thank-yous. Here's one that came
straight from the heart.

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...sneaking through a sandwich.
-Rosalie B., Honolulu

...watched my lunch explode!
-Rosalie B., Honolulu

“I am camping on a cupcake…”
–from “My ‘Magination”

“I am growing striped tomatoes…”
–from “My ‘Magination”


A terrific thanks to Pobba for performing at a tsunami relief concert in Wisconsin.


Here's a MUCH-larger-than-life version of Pobba's sparkly red tie made by the student's of Westlake School's Room 5 and their teacher, Mrs. Schmidt (Santa Cruz, CA).

Pobba sings “Monsters in My Room” and scares absolutely nobody!  The tune, a huge favorite in concerts, will be on the second album.
-Alexandra, Lake Geneva, WI


Pobba appreciates the compliment!
-Joseph C., Lake Geneva, WI


If you know the lyrics to “If I Had a Pet,” you’ll know exactly what Isabella meant.
-Isabella Y, Lake Geneva, WI


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See your drawing here. Just send them to Pobba!

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"Who wants another song?"



Pobba in Fremont, California.


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